ValSlide & Zaggora: Secret Weapons in Weight Wars

Let’s face it — squeezing a workout into a mom’s already packed daily schedule is nearly impossible when there’s barely enough time to get coffee and groceries between drop-off and pickup.  For most moms, working out regularly is something that requires a level of commitment, energy, and organization that only emerges after the “countdown” panic sets in from a fast approaching ‘bathing suit-necessary’ vacation. Right?

Well, ladies, in our search to find the newest, coolest, most effective ways to help you stay healthy and happy, we discovered two amazing Secret Weapons that will help you work out, burn more calories, and lose weight quicker and easier than you could ever imagine. No, they’re not new miracle drugs… but they’re pretty close to miracles!  (Hint: they both have to do with heat.) To see both weapons in action, watch our video and read on!

pink-valslide-productFirst, we have the Valslide®, a super-portable, super-effective exercise tool created by Valerie Waters, a celebrity trainer to Hollywood ’s elite, including Jennifer Garner, Elizabeth Berkley, Reese Witherspoon, and many others. Valerie’s motto is “making people look and feel HOT,” and based on her client list, I think she’s succeeded!Actresses Val Slide

Valerie Waters

“Valerie is Hollywood’s HOT trainer,” says US Weekly Magazine.

Valerie created the Valslide® with every level of fitness in mind.  These light-weight discs, which can be used on both carpets and floors, actually make lower body exercises smoother and easier on the body with more effective and immediate results.  They’re specifically designed for flowing, controlled range of motion that activates the muscles that lift your butt, slim your thighs, and tone your abs.  Who couldn’t use that?

As Jennifer Garner demonstrated on ELLEN in stilettos, the Valslide® WORKS! It’s become part of all Valerie’s clients’ daily routine, especially those who travel a lot, since it’s so portable.  Small enough to fit in a laptop case, it has the effectiveness of reforming your body. What more can you ask for? Try it — your body will thank you!

ZAGGORA HOT PANTSNext, we discovered another “Secret Weapon” in the weight wars – Zaggora HotPants™! These best-selling workout pants from the U.K. have a unique “ThermoFit” technology that actually helps you burn more calories during and after a workout.  All you have to do is keep them on for an hour after working out and you’re still burning calories!

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.23.38 PMMade of a multi-layer fabric that harnesses the body’s natural heat during exercise, these form-fitting pants (that feel a bit like a wetsuit) can actually help you burn 11% more calories than regular workout pants while you’re working out, and 13% more calories in the hour after you workout.  We tried them while doing the Valslide® workout and we definitely sweat much more than normal before and after our workout.  The cool thing is that you don’t realize how much you’re sweating until you peel off the pants and see the water evaporating from your body.  I don’t sweat very much and I absolutely felt a huge difference wearing these HotPants™!

Who made them? Dessi Bell, the founder of Zaggora, came up with the idea for this unique workout clothing after she had trouble finding time in her hectic work schedule to get fit for her wedding.  When she couldn’t find a solution to her problem, she decided to make her own workout clothing to speed up her fitness goals.  Since then, with the success of her HotPants™, she created a whole line of workout clothing with this calorie-burning technology.  Go Dessi!

We think Zaggora HotPants™ and the Valslide® are ‘must-haves’ for anyone trying to lose weight and get in shape quickly.  If you’re thinking about starting to workout or if you already have a fitness regime in place, give the Valslide® and Zaggora HotPants™ a try!  We promise you’ll be happy you did.

In the words of C & C Music Factory, “Gonna Make You Sweat”!

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