Moms Gone Zen’s “Featured Mom”: CAT CORA

Cat Cora At Home

Moms Gone Zen proudly introduces… Cat Cora!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our very first Featured Mom, Cat Cora — the first female Iron Chef, co-host of Bravo’s “Around the World in 80 Plates,” Founder of Chefs for Humanity, and super-MOM extraordinaire of 4 gorgeous boys under the age or 10!

Cat is a dear friend who works harder than almost anyone we know, logging thousands of air miles every month opening new restaurants and growing the ‘Cat Cora’ empire while cultivating a happy home life in Santa Barbara, California.  She’s a hands-on mother, a devoted wife, a fun, supportive, insightful friend… and a pretty darn good cook too!  Enjoy…

Who are you? Briefly describe yourself and what you do.

Cat Cora, mother of 4, chef, author, restaurateur, philanthropist, tv personality.


How would your kids describe you?

Funny, cuddly, nurturing, good cook, the pushover.

Name 3 words or virtues that best describe what matters to you most as a mom.

Love, Truth and Preserverance.

What does a typical Monday looks like to you?

We get up in the morning, put some music on right away to get our energy going, Jen and I take turns, one make breakfast, one makes lunches.  I usually get the kids dressed while Jen showers and we get them all loaded in the car for school.  I then usually do a workout, jog or elptical, shower and right to work at my home office.  I usually work and run errands until about 2 pm, then get the older kids from school or run errands.  Wrap up work about 5 and start dinner.  I usually cook and Jen does bath.  Then we eat dinner, read books to the kids or play a game and get kids in bed by 7 pm. 

How do you balance work, family and “me” time?

CAT ON A SWINGI manage to do that because I have a great wife who stays at home with the kids, the hardest job on the planet and I work outside the home.  I find me time while the kids are in school and on the road by getting up a little earlier before my call times or meetings.  I rarely miss a workout, I just make it work.  My company also has a good team around it so that helps me create balance on the professional front.  I have a manager, two agents, one literary agent, an entertainment lawyer and publicists, so I am well surrounded by experts and very talented people who give me advice, manage opportunities and negotiate deals.  Although I am very hands on in all aspects of my company, I empower my team to help me grow my company and be the best I can be.

What’s your favorite way to de-stress after a long day with kids?

Almost every night I take a hot bubble bath after the kids are in bed.  This is my time to de-stress, soak in a luxurious bath and let the day melt away slowly.   I love putting my ears below the surface where it is total silence, just my breathing. 

What’s your ideal getaway?

We have traveled pretty extensively all over the world and I love traveling overseas more than anything.  When that isn’t possible, a quick trip to Mexico or Hawaii does wonders. THE CORA FAMILY

What’s your favorite spa treatment? Do you have a favorite spa?

My favorite treatment is Hammam, or Turkish baths.  These are becoming more of a trend here.  It is a hot room or hararet where you are scrubbed, rinsed, soaped, rinsed and then massages usually happen.  There are several styles from Middle Eastern to Morrocan. 
If that isn’t available I just love a great 90 minute Shiatsu or Swedish. If I have time for a facial and steam, I am really happy. One of the best spas I have ever been to was recently in Singapore, called Espa at the Equarius Hotel at World Resorts Sentosa. 

What’s your favorite comfort food?

Cat Cora Amatricianaimages-7I make this spicy pasta called Amatriciana, with smoky bacon ( I use turkey bacon to make it lighter), carmelized onions, garlic, chili and tomato with Bucatini pasta.  It is divine. (click here for recipe)

Wine (red or white?), champagne, vodka, or something else?

I am into different teas these days, matter of fact I now have a line of Saffron teas from Greece.  There are some with orange, herbs, mint, Green tea and others.

What’s your go-to drink on Tuesday night? On a Friday night?

I do a lot of spritzers with lemon Perrier, which I love, fresh juices, and anything anyone wants to add from there. 

How do you find your Zen?

CAT CORA & WIFE JENNIFERMy Zen place is different for different parts of my day.  I am very Zen when my kids come in and snuggle with me in the mornings, Zen if I can get a great workout AND massage in during the day, cooking always creates a weightless, Zen place for me, my bath and then falling asleep holding my wife’s hand.

Win an autographed copy of Cat’s cookbook “Classics with a Twist”!

To enter, click here and leave us a comment telling us what your favorite recipe is! Winner will be chosen on 3/31/13.


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