The Greatest Detox Tea Ever! Peau-Pay Tea [pronounced: poo-pee}

Peau-Pay Tea

Day after Thanksgiving.  You’ve eaten almost three times your weight in food.  You feel sick. You feel bloated.  You feel like you would like to ex-communicate yourself from certain family members… specifically Aunt Marge (I know no one who has an Aunt Marge, so this will not be offensive to anyone I know) who made that ridiculously delicious Apple Crumble dessert that you could literally taste the 4 sticks of butter that went into it, but didn’t care because it was so good.  Let’s face it… you’re a few pounds heavier for the wear thanks to that all “Thankful” day!  More like NO-THANK-ful day!!

You’re in need of a little detox… you’re in need of a Peau-Pay tea. pronounced:  [poo-pee] 

Peau-Pay Cleansing Tea

  •  ½ Cup Dried Mint Leaves
  • 2 – 1” slices of Fresh Ginger Root
  • 2 Tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice
  • ½ Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
  • 1-2 Tablespoons of Senna Leaves
Steep tea in boiling hot water for 5 minutes.  Strain. Drink.  Be prepared to Peau-Pay!  (Add Stevia or Agave if you want some sweetness)
In case you were still reading and wanted to know a few things about this tea… keep reading!


Mint is absolutely amazing and just about the only consistently “go-to” make your tummy feel better fast ingredient that is ALWAYS in my house.  It promotes digestion, can help with nausea and is soothing.


So for about a million centuries Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for a million ailments.  In this case, we’re using to calm our tummies and flush out all of the toxins and shit that we regretfully pigged out yesterday.  Ginger literally can aid in treatment from everything from PMS (try mixing it with a little brown sugar and watch your cramps disappear) to Cancer.  It’s an anti-inflammatory too, which means it’s going to reduce all the irritation you might have going on!


Those sour yellow drops of heaven are what’s going to clean out your liver.  Lemon is filled with magnesium, vitamin C, citric acid.  It also rocks when it comes to immunity and fighting infection… so if good old cousin Mark had a cold, you’re gonna zap it in the zapper! (yes, that’s my own saying)


Feeling spicy?!!! AYE-AYE-AYE!!!  Cayenne has the ability to help make your tummy feel better.  It will stimulate your digestive tract and push out all of that gas you might have hangin out in your belly.  It also will break down and help your body metabolize the food.  Most importantly it’ll make you sweat which is probably the best way to dextoxify and get those toxins out of your body!


I say this with all the love and care of a mom… BE CAREFUL WITH SENNA LEAVES!  YOU WILL POOP! It will come on suddenly and make you go and you will not be a happy camper if you’ve used too much!  Follow directions according to the box and use it exactly that way!  That being said, SENNA LEAVES are God’s perfect creation when it comes to cleansing your bowels. Senna contains something called sennosides, which makes it act like a mild laxative stimulant that gently forces the lower intestines to produce bowel movements and expel waste in as little as six hours. In other words, you’re going to poop.

***it is not recommended to consume Senna Leaves more than 2 times a week***

So with all of that said…go drink some of this tea and enjoy the start of the holiday season!  And if all else fails and you don’t want to be reminded of  the extra 5 or 10 lbs. you’ll put on during the holidays… just do yourself the favor and set your scale 10 lbs. back right now! 😉 

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