Secret Geisha Facial at Valentina MedSpa

The Geisha Facial (a.k.a. “Bird Poop” Facial)

GeishaHave you ever wondered how Japanese Geisha’s have such blemish-free, porcelain-like complexions? Well, we have the answer, and it’s not just their makeup.  It’s BIRD POOP!  Specifically, Nightingale bird poop (see cute birdie below).  Yes, ladies, the answer to your skin problems is literally for the birds.  You read it right, BIRD POOP!!

In the 18th century, Geisha’s, who suffered from chronic skin problems caused by the zinc in their white facial powder, found a unique remedy in “Uguishi,” Nightingale bird droppings.  They discovered that grinding up this little bird’s poop created a powder that could be used to not only remove makeup, but also to brighten and lighten skin tones, and repair skin problems like acne and sun damage. How they figured this out, we have no idea… but it works!Nightingale

Today, this secret “Geisha Facial” is only available at a few exclusive spas in the world, including Valentina MedSpa, a private spa in Hollywood where many celebrities go for this special treatment.  Valentina herself gave us our Geisha facials and trust us, those little birds make great poop that took away our brown spots and left our skin smooth and clear.  It was a happy ending for all!

Wish you were here

Enjoy this video of our bird poop adventure!

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