Perk Up Your Eyes – Wai Hope Eye Dew Giveaway!

Every morning when I stumble out of bed and look in the mirror my hope is that I look rested, refreshed, and ready to face another day.  Wake Up! 

REALITY:  That’s not always what greets me at 6:30am, especially after a late night with too much holiday cheer!  I see puffiness, and dark circles, and fine lines… OH MY!  I need HELP and I need it quickly!!

The good news is I’ve found it in a little blue bottle called Eye Dew TM by a company called Wai Hope Organic SkincareCreated by a cancer survivor, Eye Dew is a patented, paraben-free Multipeptide Eye Gel made with a botanical form of Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants, and “WAI Restructured Water,” which is Biomarine Water that has been enhanced through a proprietary ‘ozonation’ process. (BTW, “Wai” is Hawaiian for ‘Water of Life’.)

The result is a cross between a gel and a serum that absorbs very quickly and instantly perks you up. You can wear it on your lids and under your eyes, and under your makeup (it won’t smudge!). After a few weeks, Eye Dew visibly reduces dark under eye circles and replenishes the elasticity around your eye area.  I have at least 6 different eye creams and gels in my drawer and this is the one I reach for every morning and night.

The motto for Wai Hope Organic Skincare is:  Hope for your skin, spirit and life.  Not a bad way to start off each day, huh?!  Especially since my motto recently has been: Hope to make it through the day without screaming at the kids!  Wai Hope’s EYE DEW…  It’s hope in a tiny blue bottle!

In the holiday spirit of giving, we’re giving one of our lucky readers a chance to win a bottle of Wai Hope Eye Dew (retails for $90, 1 oz).

All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and LIKE US!  Leave a separate comment letting us know one thing you absolutely need in the morning and you’re automatically entered! SHARE with a friend and you’re entered twice!  It’s that easy.  Enter now!


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2 Responses to Perk Up Your Eyes – Wai Hope Eye Dew Giveaway!

  1. Karen Belt says:

    I need to look refreshed instead of exhausted with bi bags under my eyes!

  2. Andriana says:

    This product looks amazing. Is it entirely organic? If so, I’d like to get myself a bottle. Thanks!

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