Holiday Hangover Help



… AND to help you survive the next few weeks of holiday parties in top form, I’m giving you my most effective and personally-proven reflexology tricks to help you elude the inevitable hangover. 

If you accidentally overindulge (it’s always accidental, right?), be proactive and take control of your hangover by doing these techniques immediately…. I swear by them.

Holiday Hangover Tricks

  1. Press on the outer edge of the right foot (only right foot), near the middle of the foot, for 10 secs. Release & repeat. This is your liver point and pressing here can to help push out the remaining alcohol in your body.
  2. Press in the middle of both feet, moving towards the heel, for 10 seconds in one spot, then move towards the heel. This helps your kidneys flush out!
  3. Press with the thumb and index finger of one hand into the fleshy web between the thumb and index finger of the other hand.  Hold for 10 secs, then switch hands.  Do this 3 times on each hand. This should ease any nausea and soothe a headache.

**In addition to these hangover techniques, I personally recommend an icy Coke and a large order of McDonald’s fries.  Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas to all! And pass this on to friends in need…


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