Feng Shui Secrets for an Early Spring & Good Luck

February Feng Shui

Yippee, February is almost over! As the coldest weather in years freezes cities all over the U.S., this last week of February represents the end to the hardest month of the year and the hope for an early spring with flowers in bloom.  If you’re in need of something to perk up your spirits, lift your heart, and re-energize your body and soul until the groundhog shows his little head, here’s a simple Feng Shui strategy to help you get over the hump and prepare you for spring.

Feng Shui is a 3,000 year old Chinese art and science that shows how to balance the energy of any given space to assure health and good fortune. In Chinese, Feng means wind and Shui means water. In the Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with good health, so ‘good’ feng shui means good fortune, while ‘bad’ feng shui means bad luck or misfortune. By shifting things in your home, you can literally shift the energy around you to attract positive things into your life!

Feng Shui Tips for an Early Spring & Good Fortune

  1. imagesBRING IN THE COLOR ORANGE.  Orange is the color of happiness and joy. A bowl of oranges or flowers, a tablecloth or throw pillow, even an orange washcloth, will brighten a room and lift your spirit.
  2. images-3HANG A WIND CHIME.  The gentle tinkling of wind chimes will attract positive ‘chi’ (or energy) to your space.
  3. DUST all of your lights and lampshades. REPLACE burnt out light bulbs. Dust and dirty lights and burn bulbs can negatively impact your space.  Burnt light bulbs can represent something that’s burnt out in your life.  Cleaned lights will brighten your space and rejuvenate yourself
  4. images-2CHANGE your light bulbs to full spectrum light bulbs (such as GE Reveal Brand).  Full spectrum lighting, as opposed regular lightbulbs, imitates natural sunlight and contains all colors of the spectrum. It will trigger serotonin production, which will help lift your mood and get yourself in the mood for spring!

Try one or all of these Feng Shui tips, and with GOOD LUCK a beautiful SPRING will be here before you know it!

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