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De-Stress Your Face with Acupressure

Most people know that stress, which is related to 99% of all illness, can wreak havoc on your entire body, and there’s no question that when you’re stressed it shows up on your face.  Unfortunately, a furrowed brow, squinted eyes, pursed lips and a tight jaw can all lead to fine lines and unwanted wrinkles if you’re not careful.  As a mom there’s no way to escape stress completely, but there are some simple acupressure techniques you can do to ease the effects of stress on your face.

Acupressure is a Chinese finger pressure technique that improves overall well-being and enhances beauty by balancing the energy, or “chi,” in the body.  It’s been used for centuries as a “natural facelift” to increase the circulation of oxygen and blood to the face, firm up facial tone, and improve the appearance of fine lines, and it really works!  The best part is that it can be done anywhere, anytime, even in your car at a stoplight.

All you have to do is apply firm, direct pressure with your fingertips to the following areas of the face.  Hold each area for approximately 5 seconds.  You don’t need any oil or lotion, just clean hands.

Acupressure Techniques

#1.  Apply pressure with your middle fingers together on your “third eye,” which is the area between your eyebrows. Continue to apply pressure as you move your fingers up towards your hairline in tiny steps.  At the hairline, apply pressure with your middle and index fingers along the hairline on both sides of your face, moving towards your ears.

#2.  Place your middle fingers just below your cheekbones, about ½” on either side of your nose, and press upwards with firm pressure.  Then, move your fingers in ¼” steps out towards the ears, stopping to apply pressure for 5 seconds, release, then move another ¼”.

#3.  Press firmly on the ridge just below your eyebrows with your index finger, and then trace around the bony orbit of your eye applying firm pressure as you move to the outer eye.  Next, place your middle and index fingers on the bone under your eyebrow and apply pressure along the edge of this bone from either side of your nose and move towards the outer eye. *Pressing on this area can relieve eye puffiness, as well as help a stuffy nose and other sinus problems.

#4.  At your temples, make small circles for 15 seconds.  Close your eyes.

#5.  Apply pressure to the groove in the middle of the upper lip (underneath the nose) for 5 seconds, release and repeat several times. Pressure applied in this area helps to tone the area around the lip.

#6.  With your thumb and index, firmly pinch your chin and then continue to gently but firmly pinch along your jawline on both sides.

#7.  To finish, gently pat your cheeks and then your entire face with your fingers to give yourself a healthy glow.

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