Anti-Cellulite Remedy That Works

After my week-long Halloween sugar rush and before the barrage of wine and cheese-fueled holiday festivities, I thought it would be a good time to tackle a problem that many of us ignore this time of year… Cellulite!

Mais oui, “cellu-leete” (as the French coined the term, a.k.a orange-peel or cottage cheese skin) is a BUMMER for 80-90% of all women.  Most women would give anything to be as cellulite-free as Kate Upton.  Unfortunately, no matter how much self-tanner you use those darn dimples just keep puckering through, right?  The good news is that I’m going to help you fight the good fight and get you feeling good enough to get into your skimpiest dress, or even your bikini, this holiday season.

First, to set the record straight, cellulite is not a “type” of fat but rather, it’s a description of that dimpled look caused by fat deposits just below the surface of the skin. While the exact causes are unknown, the medical theories are that it’s related to genetics, hormones, poor diet (too much fat, carbohydrates, or salt and too little fiber), lifestyle factors (smokers, those who don’t exercise, and those who sit or stand for long periods of time are more likely to get it), and believe it or not, clothing (tight underwear that limits the blood flow).

Sadly, (and you probably know this already) there’s no real cure for cellulite.  Sh*t!  BUT, there are ways to make it less noticeable.  Of course, eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising can reduce the fat content in cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  In addition to that, I recommend doing this very effective anti-cellulite “skin-rolling” massage technique that will increase the blood circulation to the affected areas and activate the lymphatic system. Combined with a body wrap, it’s the perfect pre-holiday body makeover!

Just so you know, this massage technique is not relaxing in the slightest.  In fact, it feels kind of strange and may take a few minutes to get used to.  However, it’s completely safe, not at all painful, and it beats liposuction by a long shot!

Anti-Cellulite Massage Instructions

  • Try to do this every day for 5 mins. for each problem area.
  • I like to use all-natural oil (grapeseed or almond) mixed with a few drops of a stimulating essential oils such as Geranium (increases lymph drainage & detoxifies), Ginger (increases circulation & warms), Peppermint (stimulates), and Rosemary (helps cellulite).
  • Keep in mind:  Always massage in the direction towards your heart.

1. Start by warming up the area by kneading the skin with both hands.  As if you were kneading bread, use both hands to pick up the skin and massage it with firm pressure.

2. Next, pinch the skin between your thumbs and forefinger and gently pull it away from the body.  Start to roll the skin between your fingers so that you move over the body, in the direction of the heart.

3. When you get to the top of the area, move your hands back down and over a little, and repeat the same technique. Do this to cover the entire area.

4. When you’ve skin-rolled the entire area, use both hands to knead deep into the tissue to help break up and smooth the fatty deposits under the skin (sounds gross… but it works!)

5. Next, make small circles over the area with both hands starting at the bottom of the area and moving towards the heart.

6.  Finally, use the palms of both hands to make long, smooth strokes up the area towards the heart.  Keep the pressure firm.

7.  As with all massage, drink lots of water to help detox your body of all the toxins that the massaged tissues released into the bloodstream.

Leave the oil on your skin as long as possible so that it really penetrates and nourishes the largest organ of your body.  You’ll be looking toned and smoother in no time at all!

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