ValSlide & Zaggora: Secret Weapons in Weight Wars

Let’s face it — squeezing a workout into a mom’s already packed daily schedule is nearly impossible when there’s barely enough time to get coffee and groceries between drop-off and pickup.  For most moms, working out regularly is something that requires a level of commitment, energy, and organization that only emerges after the “countdown” panic sets in from a fast approaching ‘bathing suit-necessary’ vacation. Right?

Well, ladies, in our search to find the newest, coolest, most effective ways to help you stay healthy and happy, we discovered two amazing Secret Weapons that will help you work out, burn more calories, and lose weight quicker and easier than you could ever imagine. No, they’re not new miracle drugs… but they’re pretty close to miracles!  (Hint: they both have to do with heat.) To see both weapons in action, watch our video and read on! Read more »

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