Flu Season! Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse


Flu Season is just about to peak and it’s time to fight back!  What better way than with a body cleanse! Let’s do this! It’s easy and will not only detoxify your body, but will cleanse your skin and if you’re fighting the last of that stubborn cold or feel one coming on, boost your immune system.  What is this magic cleanse I speak of?  Why it’s the Apple Cider Vinegar cleanse! Read more »

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Holiday Hangover Help



… AND to help you survive the next few weeks of holiday parties in top form, I’m giving you my most effective and personally-proven reflexology tricks to help you elude the inevitable hangover. 

If you accidentally overindulge (it’s always accidental, right?), be proactive and take control of your hangover by doing these techniques immediately…. I swear by them. Read more »

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