The Joy of a Vajacial At Stript Wax Bar – Los Angeles

A Vajacial… a WHAT????

When it comes to the bikini area, everyone (or at least everyone I know!) wants to be neat and clean for as long as possible so as to avoid the excruciating pain of waxing. For busy moms, simply knowing that you’ve taken care of yourself ‘down there’ is a stress-reliever in itself since it’s one less thing to think about when you cuddle up to your partner at night.

If you’re used to shaving, normal waxing or Brazilian (which is, for those of you who don’t know, the removal of all the hair in the bikini area except for maybe a small landing strip), you’re probably used to the occasional annoying ingrown hairs that appear a few days after waxing. Well, ladies, I’m happy to report that help is here!

You can easily avoid those uncomfortable ingrown hairs and make your entire bikini area as smooth and lovely as a baby’s bottom with an at-home ‘Vajacial’.  The favorite treatment of many celebs, a ‘Vajacial’ is actually a facial for your lady parts.  Meant to be done after a wax to revitalize the bikini area, it takes only about 15 minutes and will leave you smelling like a rose.

There are several spas across the country, such as Stript Wax Bar (as seen in the video above) that offer this service.  For those of you who would rather try this in the privacy of your home, here’s an easy recipe and how-to instructions for an at-home Vajacial.  Try it, I think you’ll like it!  Click here

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