3-Day Cleanse – Lose Weight Fast!

Cleanse“I regret eating healthy today,” said no one in the history of ever. 

Coming off a four day weekend fueled by way too many margaritas and all-American BBQ’d everything, there’s no better time to consider detoxing your body and shedding a few unwanted lbs. with a “cleanse.”  After all, it’s summertime and bikini season is here whether we like it or not!

While some extremists may opt for the “Master Cleanse” (which I recommend only if you’re lucky enough to have absolutely no kids around you and the opportunity to sleep all day… so, NEVER), I suggest trying a more sensible and realistic approach to cleansing such as the 3-Day or 5-Day Cleanse from The Juice Club.DSC_2553

Allison AntoinetteCreated by tonic herbalist, yoga instructor and nutrition expert, Allison Antoinette, who understands the measurable impact of food on both our bodies and minds, The Juice Club offers a quick way to introduce your body to the wonderful world of nutrient-dense juices that will fuel the body and feed your mind.

We recently successfully completed a very “do-able” 3-Day Cleanse (which means we did not do anything psychotic nor did we call Domino’s), and we highly recommend it if you’re interested in detoxing while carrying on your normal daily life.  While we were not the happiest of campers during the entire 3-day period (hey, we had a total of 6 kids around us 24/7!), we survived and actually enjoyed the yummy juices.  Most importantly, we lost approximately 9 lbs. between the two of us in just 3 days!

The FAQ’s:

  • DSC_2557The Juice Club delivers 18 bottles (16 oz. each) of different, delicious fresh juice blends to your door (enough for 6 bottles/day).  I loved the “Beach Babe” (a blend of pineapple, pear, cucumber, lemon & mint) and Michelle K. loved the “Pearly Whites” (a blend of almonds, raw protein powder, dates & Himalayan salt).
  • They offer nationwide shipping, and even though it’s called a “club,” there’s no membership fee and you can order at any time.
  • If you’re looking for support during your cleanse, they just launched a monthly Santa Barbara “club” where locals come together once per month in the name of radiant health for a 3-day cleanse. Discounts on cleanse packages and complimentary healing therapies are available for those that participate. (For more info, Email: aa@thejuiceclub.com)


  1. DSC_2576Cleansing is especially beneficial for those that deal with brain fog, seasonal allergies, irritable bowel, fatigue or who often feel “heavy” in the morning and/or are interested in breaking a food addiction.
  2. For WEIGHT LOSS:  Toxins are stored in our fat cells. Once the body uses up its glycogen storage (1-2 days) it will begin breaking down fat (jump-starting weight loss) to release toxins (which is the purpose of the “detox”) into the bloodstream, which are then filtered out by the liver, kidneys and through the elimination channels. This is why its so important to pass bowels (poop), drink more water, and sweat during a cleanse. The longer you cleanse, the more fat will be broken down. Some of the weight loss will be water and unfortunately gained back, but with consistent cleansing (one 3-day cleanse at the start of each month, for instance) you’ll notice a dramatic improvement.
  3. #1 REASON:  You’ll feel better!!


If we haven’t grabbed your attention by now, we’re offering all our Moms Gone Zen friends a special 10% discount off the “Signature” or “Greens” 3-day cleanse.  Just enter the coupon code: “momsgonezen” (with lower case “m”) when you order here:  thejuiceclub.com/all-products/cleanses

In the words of The Juice Club founder, Allison Antoinette:

Go Light.  Stay Bright.  Drink Juice.

In the words of Michelle & Michelle:

Happy Summer, Happy Cleansing!Summer Juice






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