Healthy Hair. Healthy Foods.

My hair.  Ok, here it is and this is the truth (since my vow is always to be honest with you ladies) I cannot manage my own hair.  There, I’ve said it.

I depend on my hairdresser weekly- yes; you read that right, weekly- to give me a blow out.  God bless her little magic hands that give me a smooth, fabulous hair do.  If I do not get this weekly blow dry, I will look like what my husband refers to as a “CHIA PET” and well, let’s just say, that’s not a great look.  Case in point picture to the left.  Scary I know. Yes, I really do look like that, not kidding.

That said, while I do go every week to the salon to get it blow dried, (and wouldn’t you if you looked like that with out any help?) that means that I’m putting a lot of high heat from the blow dryer and flat irons on it, and as I’ve learned over the years it can break, dull and even look brittle.  So what do I do to get this mane tamed and looking full shiny and healthy without spending a fortune on products? I make sure I eat some of this good stuff every week.  I really do.

By the way, check out the photo of below of what my hair looks like when it’s in full force… uh huh, that’s right ladies, no ch-ch-ch chia pet here!


Leafy greens… you’d think that with all of the spinach that Popeye ate he wouldn’t be bald!  But fear not, in real life spinach and dark leafy greens like Kale & Swiss Chard are filled with Vitamins A and C, which your body needs to produce something called sebum.  Sebum is the oily stuff that’s secreted by your hair follicles, i.e. your body’s natural hair conditioner.  So take that Popeye!


Omega-3’s.  I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, I’ve said it A LOT!  Omega-3’s are the answers to most of the issues we have when it comes to beautifying ourselves!  Where do we find them most?  In fish like salmon.  Salmon is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for scalp health.  If you’ve got a deficiency in them your hair will look dull, dry and lifeless and your scalp will be dry and flaky.  Think SHINY!


You should be going NUTS for healthy shiny hair!  Nuts, Brazil nuts specifically are one of nature’s best sources of selenium, another essential mineral for a healthy scalp. Some nuts like walnuts, cashews & almonds contain zinc, which if you’ve just had a baby you know you shed hair like mad and this can slow some of that down and promote hair growth!

Yeah, umm- added perk about nuts… did you know they actually don’t make you nuts- they’re really good for brain function.


Nature’s conditioner.  Not going anywhere for 24 hours?  Pour a cup of the good stuff, and I’m talking good stuff on your hair and massage it into your scalp, bringing it from root to tip. You’ll have soft soft hair and your scalp will feel incredible.  It may take a few heavy scrubs and washes to get it all out, but it’s just as good as any $50 conditioning treatment your hair stylist tries to pawn off on you.  If you’ve got really fine limp hair, I’d skip this one, it might be too heavy.

If you do try this one though, I’m going to go with a little trick that Michelle E. taught me, add a couple drops of an essential oil like lavender or orange blossom in there and it’ll smell incredible and relax you!

A good hair day.  Alright so I was in Vegas and had hooker hair… but it still looked good! That’s all natural, no extensions all me.

**Personal Side Note**

It took me about an hour to find a photo to show you what my hair looks like when it’s not blow-dried.  It does not exist.  I even asked my husband to help me find one- his response was “I don’t think you allow anyone to take photos of you like that.”  I had to laugh to myself and realize that if ever someone asks me what my ZEN moment is each week… It’s my hair.  It keeps me peaceful! (and lookin’ good!)

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