Four Seasons Maui Signature Cocktail

FEATURING: Linda’s Lively Libation

Sweet and tropical with unique floral and citrus notes. Share with a friend or relax, rejuvenate and fall in love with lavender, lychee and lemon. Learn to make this lively libation at home.

Some of these ingredients might be far out there but it’s completely worth it!

Lavender Lychee Lemon Cocktail

  • 1.5oz   TRU Organic Lemon Vodka
  • 1.0oz   Lychee Puree (Any fruit puree)
  • 0.5oz   Home Made Lavender Syrup (Use a simple sugar syrup recipe and infuse dried lavender in it from the health food store or fresh from your backyard)
  • 0.5oz   Fresh Squeezed Citrus (Lemon or Orange)
  • Lavender infused Maui Honey (yeah, cause that’s in our pantry! If you’re really dedicated to try this, you can find it here.  Otherwise, a drizzle of honey will do!)
  • Maui Brown Sugar in the Raw (or Sugar in the Raw)
  • Sprinkle of Love (We are Moms! We have a ton of that to sprinkle!)

In case you ever make it out to the Four Seasons Maui, (AND YOU SHOULD!) go find Linda… You can tell her all about her amazingly delish cocktail recipe that you got right here on Moms Gone Zen.

Linda Welch, is a 28 year veteran employee who recently won our Four Seasons Maui Signature Cocktail Competition. Staying true to the farm-to-bar concept, Linda took local ingredients, organic vodka, a touch of love and won the hearts of 35 judges based on creativity, flavor, presentation and concept.

What’s so great about their local ingredients? It starts from the ground up! With fertile volcanic soils and over 320 days of sunshine each year, Maui offers a variety of microclimates and a year-round growing season. These ideal growing conditions help cultivate high quality local produce, and Linda matched it just perfectly.

So if you’re there, go get good and schnockered with Linda’s cocktails and then go back to your room and well you know what to do there!  Enjoy Maui… or enjoy this cocktail in your home and pretend you’re in Maui.

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