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One thing that stresses me out beyond belief is laying down  in bed at night and my brain starts going into high speed as I take inventory on what I’ve eaten that day and where I made the wrong food decision… I usually do!  As moms, we have the habit of waiting all day long, skipping breakfast and going straight into the day of our demanding lives before we even take moment to ourselves for a bite to eat!  Then we are usually so busy into our days of kids, work, house and hubby that when we do eat it’s not usually the most sensible decision!

Because of the selfless creatures that we are… We can allow ourselves and our needs fall through the cracks.  We can go a full day with out sitting down to eat a full meal and fall into a trap of unhealthy, mindless eating that turns into an ugly pattern of UNHEALTHY! 

Here are a few simple and practical ways that you can pull yourself out of the rut and get back on track!  Most of these suggestions are all things that you already know… trust me I’m not re-inventing the wheel here… but they are great reminders none the less!  You can do this!

  • You’re in charge!  You control what goes into your body.  Be mindful and aware. Be present in the moment!  If you’re aware of everything you eat and drink, you’ll be more likely to follow a healthy diet.   It might not be feasible, but if you can log what you eat – I mean down to that little bite of left-over chicken nugget from your kids lunch- and log it in your iphone, a note pad or even a dry erase board on the fridge… you might have a better sense of what you’re eating.Sometimes to step back and look at things will make you more likely to think about what you’re eating before you eat it.
  • Plan what you eat. Yes, I said it.  Don’t roll your eyes at me just yet… hear me out on this one.  Make a list…. A list of all of your favorite healthy foods like that you like to snack on and eat.  Do you like fruits? Veggies? A particular salad or entrée.  Once you’ve put the kids down at night or once you get them out the door in the morning for school… prepare those meals and foods for yourself and set them aside.  You’re more likely to eat better when it’s there waiting for you vs. reaching for that sugary snack just cause it’s there and convenient.

  • Watch out for the hidden calories!  Soft drinks, juices and even that iced coffee drink with “low fat” caramel drizzled on top is riddled with high calories!  Stick to waters infused with lemon, sliced cucumbers, raspberries and even fresh herbs!  They add flavor and keep you hydrated through out the day.  If you really think about it, when was the last time you drank 8 full glasses of water? Uh huh… got you thinking right?

  • Don’t wait till you’re starving to eat! If you’re hungry stop and take the time.  I promise you this… your kids will think you’re a better mommy because of it.  When we are hungry we are irritable, impatient and I can even say I know I snap at my kids much faster when I’m hungry then if I’ve eaten something.  My brain actually works better. I’m clear headed and can think reasonably.  If you’re hungry eat.  It’s as simple as that.  No trick to it.  Remember to watch your calories and make sensible decisions! You’ll be more likely to when you’re not always starving!

  • Watch your portion sizes!  A long time ago I had a friend make a suggestion to me… she said buy smaller bowls and plates.  I thought, that’s just so weird.  But if you use a plate that is smaller, you will automatically portion your plate and will feel satisfied with what’s on there.  So pile your plate high with your faves with out the guilt

You can do this!!! 

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