DETOX JUICE… Cleanse! Energize! Rejuvenate!

So here we are… full swing into the summer.  The kids have been home for what seems like an eternity and I can tell you this much… as hard as I’ve tried,  I know I haven’t been eating as healthy as I could be.  Call it a case of “the-kids-are-home-and-are-making-me-eat-more-junk-food-snacks-itis.”  Yes, I have a serious case of it going on right now!  So what’s a better time than now to think about doing a little detox juice cleanse… and do I have the perfect recipe for you!

What’s great about this recipe is that it’s a perfect way to recharge, rejuvenate and renew your body and flush out the toxins and jump start yourself to get back on the healthy train! It’s high in fiber… low in fat!

Now I’m not talking about doing a fasting cleanse… by all means I’m not saying drink this and don’t eat… I’m talking about making a fresh pressed  juice that is full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and all of the things that can keep you going and active throughout the day!

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Your skin is going to glow, your metabolism is going to have a BOOST and you’re going to have boundless energy!! Yes, I’m guaranteeing you this!

So dust off the juicer or run out and buy one!!  (I have an Omega Juicer and I love it!!)  Stock up on some of these fruits and veggies and who knows, you might even be inspired to juice every day!

The best part about juicing is that you don’t need to do anything other than wash your veggies and cut them into pieces small enough to get into your press… so what are you waiting for?!

Michelle’s Cleansing Energizing Juice Recipe

1 Papaya
1 Cucumber
2-3 Carrots
2-3 Celery Stalks
1 Lemon
1 Apple
¼ inch slice of Ginger
A few sprigs of mint


**Optional ingredients**

Add a tsp. of flax oil! It’s amazing for your hair, nails and skin!

If you’re looking for more sweetness add a teaspoon or two of Lucuma Powder.

LUCUMA POWDER… What’s that?   

Lucuma Powder is an all natural ZERO CALORIE sweetner from Peru.  It’s a super food that tastes a little bit like maple.  It’s from the Lucuma tree and is grinded down.  It’s a SUPER healthy alternative sweetener (take it from a self proclaimed Splenda addict, Lucuma Powder has changed my life!)  Filled with Iron, Calcium, Fiber, Beta-Carotene and Niacin…  It’s perfect for smoothies, baking and desserts!


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