A Multi-Vitamin A Day Can Keep Stress Away!


WARNING I AM STRESSED OUTStress.  We all suffer from it at one point or the other, if not daily.  Nervousness, irritability, the feeling that you want to strangle the living sh*t out of anyone that crosses your path… mental exhaustion.  Do you pick up what I’m putting down?

Look, stress doesn’t just affect the way you feel, there are actual physical reactions that your body goes through. Some of them include: (I’m going to sound very doctor-y right now)

  • Central Nervous System: Anxiety Depression & Fatigue
  • Cardiovascular System: High Blood Pressure/ Heart Attack Risk
  • Digestive System: Stomach Ulcers, The RUNS!
  • Respiratory System: Shortness of Breath
  • Immune System: Lowered Resistance To Infections
  • Endocrine System: Menstrual, Thyroid & Adrenal Disorders
  • Skin: Eczema & Rashes

I’m not gonna lie when I say sometimes you just wanna cave and take a Xanax.  What’s not to love about it… you tune out, you are at peace and the stress literally seems to melt away.  While that is a temporary fix or a band aid for the problem, that’s not truly dealing with it… so what’s a mom to do? Jump off a bridge… no, no, no… take a step back from the edge and read on!

You might want to head on over to your local health foods store or Whole Foods and stock up on some of these VITAMINS!  In a study done by “The Vitamin Professor, Doug Ingoldsby,” “The physiological consequences of stress, especially over the long term, can be quite severe and, in some cases, life threatening.  To maintain general health and ability to function physically and mentally under stressful conditions, proper intake of stress-fighting foods and nutrients is vital.”  What he means to say is… stress is bad, vitamins are good!



Vitamin C is one of the first vitamins to be depleted from your body at the first signs of stress… no really…  free radicals can act unrestrained to destroy the cell membrane, the mitochondria, the DNA and the RNA.  Women over the age of 19 should take 75 mg. daily.  Other great natural sources of Vitamin C are: Strawberries, Oranges & Papaya.  1 Papaya has almost DOUBLE the amount of Vitamin C as an Orange!  Believe it.


The strongest antioxidant. It works with vitamin-C and selenium to help strengthen the immune system. Failure to replenish depleted stores of vitamin-E can lead to heart disease and nervous system and muscle damage. You should take 15 mg daily.  Break open a capsule and massage it onto your face before bed… wake up in the morning GLOWING!!

Vitamin-B Complex

So what exactly is in a B-Complex anyway? How can it relate to your stess levels?  Well, Vitamin B-Complex is actually a combo of riboflavin, folic acid, niacin, thiamin, Vitamin B-6, B-12 and biotin.  These vitamins work together to aid primarily in the function of the central nervous system, which is in a high state of arousal during periods of stress.  They help to lower these levels and mellow you out, over extended period of use.


Calcium is one of those vitamins that is almost embedded in our brains from the time we are pretty much babies!  It helps build our bones as well as strengthen our cardiovascular systems… but did you know a glass of mill will actually help alleviate stress levels!  Stress is also associated with a depletion of calcium and the inability of the bones to absorb calcium properly. This sets the state for the development of osteoporosis; the demineralization of bone tissue.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of those vitamins that you really over look.  I always think of it as the sunburn vitamin… but did you know that it actually has over 200 amino acids, vitamins antioxidants, minerals & enzymes in it?  Of course you didn’t.


Like most vitamins, they work together.  As peanut butter is to jelly, Magnesium is to calcium.  They work hand in hand to maintain blance.  If there is depletion in any of these levels, it causes stress and can create anxiety, nervousness, insomnia and muscle fatigue. In actuality, your body can’t absorb any more than 500 mg. at any one time, so anything above and beyond this amount isn’t gonna do ya much good.


Heard of a banana a day?  Yeah, me either… but I have heard that bananas are FILLED with it and that’s just part of what makes it so good for you! It is especially needed during periods of stress, because, it promotes adrenal-gland function, which in turn interacts with sodium to regulate the body’s fluid balance and can help lower blood pressure.  So next time you feel a stressful situation coming on… go monkey and grab a banana!


A trace mineral with antioxidant properties that helps prevent some cancers and heart disease and boosts the immune system.  Bottom line, it’s important and don’t worry about it really, more than likely you’re getting the RDA (recommended daily amount) with the foods you’re eating.  But so you know, it does wonders for your tummy too.


Fight the fight with a good dose of ZINC!  We’ve all heard it, you have a cold coming on and you grab the zinc!  There is a reason for it!  It aids in the production of more than 200 body enzymes that boosts immune function a which can be depleted during stressful situations.

So I’m sure you’ve now read this list of like 20 vitamins and are probably thinking to yourself that you are more stressed out than before you started reading this because you’re like, WTF? I’m not taking all these pills every day just to keep me stress free… well as always, we’ve got options for you!  There are lots of products out there that are MULTI-VITAMINS that combine some of these things in there… but as is the case with most vitamins, you gotta think about constipation.  Fear not, we’ve gone through the constipation process for you and have figured out which ones are the best!  Here are our faves!

Natural Vitality Calm

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 8.11.30 AMANTI-STRESS Magnesium & Calcium.  What’s great about this vitamin is that you can literally “drink your stress away” with this liquid vitamin.  It comes in two flavors, although we are partial to the organic raspberry-lemon flavor.  This vitamin actually covers the gamet when it comes to stress, fatigue and low energy, muscle tension, anxiousness, headaches, PMS, and actually claims to help with abnormal heart rhythm.  BOOM. Take that for a multi-vitamin extravaganza!

Nature Made Stress B-Complex

NM 2725 L31 Stress B Complex_150x280.ashx

What we like about this one is that Nature Made actually adds no fillers, artificial colors, yeast or gluten to this vitamin… which actually aids in easy absorption for your body.  What that means is that your body is actually getting the true amount it says on the bottle and not a portion of it.  Not only is it full of the B vitamins, which help convert food into energy! (who doesn’t love having more energy!)  It also has your daily Vitamin C & Zinc rolled in there too!  That means antioxidant and immune support! Thumbs up!

One A Day Women’s VitaCraves Gummies

oneaday_womens_vitacraves.pngOk, so this one made it on our list despite that ridiculous commercial where you watch the girl chew endlessly and smile ridiculously for 30 seconds.  Yes, it’s annoying… BUT this multi-vitamin actually does the trick and we are quite into the gummy aspect of it!  It’s yummy! The vitamin itself though actually has Vitamins A, C, E & D as well as the B Vitamins in there too, so you’re getting all of your stress reducers in there as well as some Calcium to help with osteoporosis.  It’s specifically made with women in mind so we like to think that they’ve thought of all the things that our bodies need.   They are spot on.  (Side note… I love the flavor of the grape ones, I pick them all out first!) Yes, slightly child like but isn’t that what gummie vitamins are all about?

As always, we love to hear your comments and suggestions!  Any favorite vitamins out there you think we should know about?  Any stress reducing tips? Shoot us an email at info@momsgonezen.com or check us out on Facebook!

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