6 Natural Ways To Boost Your Libido & Get Your Sexy Back!

Ok, raise your hand if you remember sex before kids? I’m talking that hot – lasted more than 6.5 minutes – don’t have to worry about screaming YES! YES! YES! in ecstasy without worrying that the kids are walking in on you kinda sex!  Better yet, tell me the last time your man laid in bed next to you and you couldn’t wait to jump his bones and get your legs wrapped around him.

Oh, I’m sorry is that crickets I’m hearing from the blaring silence of the resounding “Can’t remember when?” that you’re telling me?

I mean, seriously, as much as I love my kids, (and trust me I love my kids!) the truth be told, between three kids under 8, two jobs, what seems like a lifetime of 3rd grade homework, five days of packed sac-lunches, seven nights worth of dinners and what seems like a perpetually horny husband they’ve all kinda sucked the sex drive right outta me… and back in the day let’s just say I used to pride myself on the fact that I was pretty darn good in the sack and liked to have sex.

Remember those days, it was like MARATHON MULTIPLE times in one night… you’d wake up to have sex, you’d go to sleep having sex, you’d have sex for breakfast, sex for lunch, sex for dinner and then sex for a late night snack.  Nowadays, if we do it twice in a week that’s a marathon.  Not kidding.  Hell, it’s must be his birthday to get it multiple times in one week.

I do miss it though.  The anticipation, the cute bras and undies, the feeling of Hot! Hot sex!  I wanted those days back and didn’t want to take a female equivalent of some little blue pill.  I wanted to do this naturally… so I was on the hunt for some serious aphrodisiacs that would wake up that sex kitten that’s been sleeping (more like slumbering) for so long and get my body purring again!

These foods will naturally increase your hormone levels and get you in the mood for some sexy-time… no matter how many dirty dishes will be waiting for you to wash when you’re done!  Some are cliché but hey, if it ‘ain’t broke why fix it, right?


Oh yeah baby… let’s put the HONEY back in HONEYMOON!!  According to a study done by Women’s Health, “Honey is rich in B Vitamins, which are needed for testosterone production, and it contains boron, which helps the body metabolize and use estrogen- an important part of blood flow and arousal.” In other words, it’ll get things pumping and give you good energy… so if you pour yourself a cup of night time tea like I do occasionally, put a few teaspoons in there.


You had me at chocolate.  I am actually now giving you a reason to eat chocolate.  Yes, there’s actually medical and scientific proof on this one ladies.  Chocolate contains caffeine, which helps perk you up and also boosts serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters that contribute to feelings of well being and happiness.  It brings on feelings of euphoria and it in turn has an arousal effect.  It actually can mimic the feeling of falling in love.


Ok, I said I was gonna go cliché on you.  Here it is, plain and simple- Oysters boost dopamine in your body.  Dopamine makes your brain feel good and relaxed… and when you’re good and relaxed, sex sounds good. Add a glass of champagne to this mix too… a tiny buzz always makes me a little more eager too!  Plus it tastes really good!!


Wanna keep it spicy?  Go for some hot chiles! Jalapenos, Serrano’s, take your pick… They contain capsaicin which not only triggers the same ‘feel good’ endorphins as some of the others on this list but, the heat also increases your heart rate and that’ll put you in the mood!


Goji berries should really be the “go-to” berries that you should have stocked in your pantry for a multitude of reasons.  For thousands of years in Asia, they have been used as a “sexual tonic” among the other amazing things they do for you!  They increase testosterone levels in both men & women and have an impact on your overall mood, well-being and most importantly, stamina… which will get you at least into the 15 minute zone when it comes to gettin’ it on.


Pumpkin seeds are filled with what’s known as the “libido vitamins and minerals.”  Vitamins B, E, C, D, K and minerals including calcium, potassium, niacin and phosphorous! So, with Halloween just around the corner, now you know what to do with those left over pumpkin seeds: Roast those babies. See, Halloween is not just fun for the kids! Go buy that sexy nurse costume and get him the doctor costume and you’ve got a party in the making!

So go for it ladies! What do you have to lose?  You’ve got Real Housewives tivo-ed already, so turn your attention to your man and bring sexy back! You’ll actually be doing something healthy for your body!

As always some things to take into consideration… if you’re really lacking in the sex-drive department, some medications like anti-depressants, birth control, and other medical conditions can play a part.  Always check with a medical professional before throwing in the towel.


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