21 Random Food Q&A

Food Q&A

Ok folks!  Every now and then my inbox gets inundated with some pretty random kitchen & food questions.  Some of these questions, you’ll find to be pretty useful, some will have you shaking your head…WHO ASKS THESE THINGS?! I love all of you for reaching out and asking me!  Hope this helps! xo Michelle xo

Does Balsamic vinegar go rancid?

75Yes, but it takes an extremely long time.  On average you can keep your Balsamic for over a year, providing you keep it in a cool place, away from heat.  I actually happen to be on a BIG kick of infused balsamic vinegars!  If you’ve never tried them before, you’re missing out!  A HUGE addition to salad dressings! 

Can you double boil hard-boiled eggs?

No, once you’ve hard-boiled the eggs, the protein in there is already cooked. Not a necessary process… unless you’re just looking to re-heat it.  

5210000647_1007x545.ashxHow much granulated onion equals one whole onion?

1/3 cup of granulated onion equals one small whole onion. 

Can you substitute cappuccino powder for cocoa powder? Or does it depend on the recipe?

Cappuccino powder is coffee flavored, cocoa is chocolate flavor- it would depend on the recipe that you were using.

Can you bake gravy?

No, as you need to whisk gravy to prevent lumps and also need to bring it up to a boil so that it may start to thicken. 

images-8How long to blanch broccoli?


For tender but still crisp broccoli blanch in water for 3-4 minutes. 

Can you freeze cooked cucumber?

No, as it will retain too much water and turn brown and soggy. Unless you pop it in the freezer for a minute or two, they do wonders on puffy tired eyes!

Can you eat wheat bran like oatmeal?

Yes, it can be prepared like oatmeal… talk about FIBER!

Many people use synthetic fire logs these days. Can you roast marshmallows over fire logs?



Synthetic fire logs contain glue in them, that holds the sawdust together- this glue releases gasses which can potentially be absorbed into the marshmallows-  it’s not exactly the best idea- but possible….and disgusting. 

Can you stuff a roasted green pepper?

Yes! There are many different ways to stuff a roasted green pepper.  Cheese, Rice & Meat are all excellent choices.  Try my recipe for stuffed peppers! 

Can you eat orange rind?

Grated orange rind2


Yes! It can be candied or dried and used in many different baking dishes, as well as being delicious all on it’s own! 

Can you eat salmon straight out of the can?

Yes…. but unless you’re training to become a body builder and need the protein..I go for fresh, otherwise, add some lemon, fresh dill and chopped red onion in there for crying out loud! 

Does brown rice taste the same as white?


No. Milling is the process that creates the difference between brown and white rice. The variety of rice may be identical, but milling removes the husk from the grain and turns the brown rice to white. Brown rice has a much nuttier, heavier and chewy flavor than it’s counterpart, white rice. 

Can you boil king crab while frozen?

Yes, king crab can be boiled (preferably steamed) while frozen.

Can you fry fake crab meat?

Yes it is possible to pan fry imitation crab meat.  I can’t make these questions up! {please contact me if you use fake crab meat for anything; michellekaram@momsgonezen.com, it’s just fundamentally wrong.}

Does baker’s chocolate qualify as real chocolate?

bakers chocolate squares4c3

Baker’s chocolate is 100% cacao- it has no added sugar and is bitter in taste.  Trust me, I know this from experience. Not like REAL chocolate AT ALL! 

Can I freeze biscuit gravy?

Yes, and it can be defrosted or reheated in the microwave. 

Can I refrigerate boiled crawfish? How long will it last?

Yes, 2-3 days. Make sure to seal properly as it will smell very fishy…. although, one of my favorite recipes is Crawfish Étouffée! 

Can you eat potatoes after they’ve sprouted?

seed potatoes 009

Yes, just remove the sprouts completely as they can be toxic…. although, I just throw them out if they’ve sprouted enough… I squeam at the thought of touching a sprouted potato! They look like aliens to me! ICK

How long will bread yeast last?

Fresh yeast will last 2-3 weeks. Dry yeast will last up to a year as long as it is stored in a dry cool place…. don’t be like me, picking off tiny green dots and pretending I didn’t see it!

How long does raw nami udon last?

Most Udon Noodles have an expiration date on the package.  It usually can last for up to 2 weeks if the package is unopened.  Once it’s opened, it must be consumed with in 2-3 days.

And there you have it folks!  Those were the questions you were dying to know!  If you ever have any more questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us at info@momsgonezen.com


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