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Snack Time! Avocado & Hummus Thins

I’m always hungry.  Always.  It just is a plain and simple fact. Most of the time, I don’t have time for a full meal, and this ladies, comes as close as you’re gonna get to it!  Sometimes that’s all we have time for, truth be told.

This is a low fat & low calorie, high protein snack that’ll give you that energy boost that you need come 3 pm when the kids come home from school AND it won’t make you feel like a chunk ass afterwards!!  Hello… UNDER 250 CALORIES!! Read more »

A Cocktail Made for Mondays!! Blue Monday Cocktail

Ok Moms out there! I bet you were thinking to yourself, well, it’s Monday… I probably shouldn’t drink today…You know, kids have school tomorrow, I need to be alert for the week… can’t be sporting a hangover on Tuesday…   Well, I’d normally agree with you but maybe I can convince you to give this one a try.  I mean hell, it wouldn’t be in the bartenders manual if it weren’t really meant for Mondays, right?

This drink is called a Blue Monday!  How appropriate.  I mean if anything could lift my spirits on a Monday, it’s this spirit!  It’s traditionally made with Blue Curacao but I really don’t know that I can stomach too much of that stuff so I made a little twist of my own on it to add a little freshness and well,  I think you’re going to love it!

So whether it’s Monday or ANY day of the week, give this a try and I can assure you… you won’t be so blue after this one!

Blue Monday Moms Gone Zen Style

  • 1 1/2 oz. Vodka
  • 1/2 oz. Triple Sec
  • 1/4 oz. Blue Curacao
  • 1/2 oz. Blueberry Juice
  • 1/2 oz. Pineapple Juice

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.
Garnish with lime.

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Fight Bad Breath Naturally

Nothing’s worse than when you go to give your 5-year-old kid a little cuddle time and they say “YUCK! Mommy, you have bad breath!”  Come on now… don’t act like your kid hasn’t ever said that to you!  Your answer borderlines somewhere between, “Shut your mouth kiddo!” and “Oh man, who else did I talk to today that might have got a whiff of that?!”

Having bad breath can be pretty embarrassing both socially and personally.  Halitosis (bad breath) usually comes from not brushing your teeth well enough… but not all-bad breath originates from your mouth.  Sometimes it comes straight from your belly, in other words your digestive tract. You can brush-a brush-a brush-a all day long and you aren’t going to have much success!  However, there are some natural remedies.

Look, between getting the kids off to school in the morning, three breakfasts, three lunches, making coffee for my husband & myself – I think my morning teeth brushing lasts somewhere between thirty seconds and a minute. I’ll tell you this, the USDA isn’t gonna come knocking on my door to congratulate me on proper brushing techniques! (Nighttime brushing is where I do my damage!)

Or maybe I ate something that might have had some garlic or onion in it… Hey, nothing is wrong with that, both are incredibly healthy for your body, but who wants to live with the smell all day…and seriously, nothing is worse than spearmint gum or tic tac breath.  Not this mom.

Bad Breath fighting options: Read more »

QUINOA Recipe & Health Benefits

My son came up to me this past weekend and said… “Mom, is it true the world is going to end in December… my friend told me the Mayans said so”

While I immediately went into my deduction and reasoning of explaining to my 8 year old boy and how I don’t think we need to build an underground bunker just yet… my brain was reeling with thoughts.

What if we DID have to live underground and what kind of food would I bring with me?  (Yes, I really think this way… crazy but true)

What would keep us sustained with energy, keep our diet balanced and is delicious?  Oh yes, there is such a food.  Even the Mayans knew about it. Read more »

Healthy Hair. Healthy Foods.

My hair.  Ok, here it is and this is the truth (since my vow is always to be honest with you ladies) I cannot manage my own hair.  There, I’ve said it.

I depend on my hairdresser weekly- yes; you read that right, weekly- to give me a blow out.  God bless her little magic hands that give me a smooth, fabulous hair do.  If I do not get this weekly blow dry, I will look like what my husband refers to as a “CHIA PET” and well, let’s just say, that’s not a great look.  Case in point picture to the left.  Scary I know. Yes, I really do look like that, not kidding.

That said, while I do go every week to the salon to get it blow dried, (and wouldn’t you if you looked like that with out any help?) that means that I’m putting a lot of high heat from the blow dryer and flat irons on it, and as I’ve learned over the years it can break, dull and even look brittle.  So what do I do to get this mane tamed and looking full shiny and healthy without spending a fortune on products? I make sure I eat some of this good stuff every week.  I really do.

By the way, check out the photo of below of what my hair looks like when it’s in full force… uh huh, that’s right ladies, no ch-ch-ch chia pet here!

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The Reinvention of the Margarita…

There are many, many stories about where Margaritas originated from.  Some say it came from a wealthy socialite in the 1940’s named Margarita Sames who was vacationing with friends at her Acapulco home and created the drink and it became wildly popular after that…others say it came from a woman named Majorie King who had an allergy to alcohol (poor woman) but could only drink tequila (that’s awesome) and concocted this delicious libation for herself out of necessity…no one can say for certain where exactly this favorite cocktail of so many comes from, but one thing every one can agree on is, a properly made margarita can turn around even the most stressful of days around!! Read more »

Finding the Food Balance…





One thing that stresses me out beyond belief is laying down  in bed at night and my brain starts going into high speed as I take inventory on what I’ve eaten that day and where I made the wrong food decision… I usually do!  As moms, we have the habit of waiting all day long, skipping breakfast and going straight into the day of our demanding lives before we even take moment to ourselves for a bite to eat!  Then we are usually so busy into our days of kids, work, house and hubby that when we do eat it’s not usually the most sensible decision! Read more »

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