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Holiday Hangover Help



… AND to help you survive the next few weeks of holiday parties in top form, I’m giving you my most effective and personally-proven reflexology tricks to help you elude the inevitable hangover. 

If you accidentally overindulge (it’s always accidental, right?), be proactive and take control of your hangover by doing these techniques immediately…. I swear by them. Read more »

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Ojai Valley Inn’s Oxygen Facial & Hydra-Facial

Are you looking for a way to revive and refresh your body, mind and soul before the holiday craziness begins?  Every mom deserves a little time to herself during this busy time of year, and we’re here to give you some help.

Our search for extraordinary spa treatments brought us to the beautiful Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai, California, where we spent a day in heaven eating deliciously fresh food grown on the premises, taking an ‘aromatherapy journey,’ and experiencing facial treatments that left us relaxed and glowing.   Read more »

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The Joy of a Vajacial At Stript Wax Bar – Los Angeles

A Vajacial… a WHAT????

When it comes to the bikini area, everyone (or at least everyone I know!) wants to be neat and clean for as long as possible so as to avoid the excruciating pain of waxing. For busy moms, simply knowing that you’ve taken care of yourself ‘down there’ is a stress-reliever in itself since it’s one less thing to think about when you cuddle up to your partner at night.

If you’re used to shaving, normal waxing or Brazilian (which is, for those of you who don’t know, the removal of all the hair in the bikini area except for maybe a small landing strip), you’re probably used to the occasional annoying ingrown hairs that appear a few days after waxing. Well, ladies, I’m happy to report that help is here! Read more »

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Anti-Cellulite Remedy That Works

After my week-long Halloween sugar rush and before the barrage of wine and cheese-fueled holiday festivities, I thought it would be a good time to tackle a problem that many of us ignore this time of year… Cellulite!

Mais oui, “cellu-leete” (as the French coined the term, a.k.a orange-peel or cottage cheese skin) is a BUMMER for 80-90% of all women.  Most women would give anything to be as cellulite-free as Kate Upton.  Unfortunately, no matter how much self-tanner you use those darn dimples just keep puckering through, right?  The good news is that I’m going to help you fight the good fight and get you feeling good enough to get into your skimpiest dress, or even your bikini, this holiday season. Read more »

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Coffee & Cocoa Brightening Face/Body Mask

Even though I can’t have caffeine, I LOVE coffee!  I also love cocoa, and the two together pack a mighty punch, both as a beverage (hello Mocha!) and as a beauty treatment to enhance your skin.  Coffee and cocoa masks are favored by many beauty experts because, in combination, they decrease puffiness in the face and eye area, wake up dull skin, and brighten your complexion.

WHY? Both coffee and cocoa contain caffeine, an antioxidant that acts as a stimulant. When the Coffee & Cocoa Mask is applied to skin, it improves the blood circulation and promotes radiant, healthy skin. Read more »

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Stress Tips for National Boss Day

Today, Oct. 16th, is National Boss Day and in my humble opinion, that’s reason for celebration because in most households, Mom is the BOSS!

As every mom knows, motherhood is both satisfying and stressful.  As the BOSS a.k.a. “domestic engineer” of the home, you’re dealing with time management issues, financial concerns, relationship demands, insecurities galore, and, perhaps most importantly, self-preservation.  Unfortunately, most moms don’t take the time to nurture and care for themselves, and they’re left feeling physically and emotionally drained.

So, the question is how can you maintain sanity and serenity amidst the unique challenges presented by motherhood? Here are a few simple techniques that you can incorporate into your daily routine that will calm your body and mind, and give you a few moments of peace.  Read more »

LA SlimWrap – Detoxifying Body Wrap

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Colds & Flu Bath Remedy

Are you suffering from a cold, fever, or even worse, the full-blown flu?  If so, here’s a very effective detox bath that will help you feel better and speed recovery.  I like to soak in this herbal bath for at least 45 minutes at the first sign of a cold.  Try it, I promise it works! Read more »

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